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80,000 Hours , using the slogan "evidence-based advice on careers that make a difference", does exactly that, promoting the most ethical career choices. The organization was named for the average amount of time a career lasts.Edit

Core ConceptsEdit

Run under three major core concepts, 80,000 Hours focuses on-

  • maximizing impact (proving that some causes have far more impact than others, and choosing only the causes with the highest impact)
  • evidence-based (using scholarly research at accredited institutions such as Oxford University as the foundation for what the organization promotes)
  • replaceability (asserting that true impact, as opposed to choosing common, replaceable careers, is what is most important)

Core TeamEdit

Known as the "core team", the following make up the main leadership of the organization-

  • Benjamin Todd (co-founder)
  • Will MacAskill (co-founder)
  • Roman Duda (director of content)
  • Thomas Hendrey (researcher)
  • Collin O'Rourke (case study manager)
  • Ozzie Gooen (web developer)
A more thorough list of employees can be found

This is a photo of some members of the 80,000 Hours staff.

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