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Want to know how you can donate money for a GiveWell top charity without needing to spend a dime? The secret is fundraising! With the time investment of just a few hours, you could raise $500 or more -- perhaps one of the best per-hour values you can get in EA!

The easiest way to try fundraising is to run a fundraiser for your birthday. Birthdays are usually a time when people can fundraise for charity without appearing too pushy, and people are receptive! Here's how to do it.

Create a Fundraiser Edit

This part is really simple -- go to YouCaring and hit "Create a Fundraiser" and fill out the prompts. It should be pretty easy, but take care to create compelling descriptions -- these are what people are going to read right before giving you money! For examples, see this fundraiser page by Xio Kikauka and this fundraiser page by Joey Savoie.

Also, you'll need a Paypal account. YouCaring has the money sent to you and it's your responsibility to pass it along to your charity of choice. Don't be caught off guard! Also, keep in mind that if you use a bank account instead of a credit card, you can reduce PayPal fees and move more money.

Promote Your Fundraiser Edit

But don't forget the most important part! You won't raise any money simply by creating the page and letting it sit there. Instead, you have to promote it! The more time you put in here, the more likely you'll raise money.

Post it on Facebook, Often! Edit

Here's the message that Joey posted, three times within a span of fifteen days:

"I am donating my birthday so if you want to celebrate my birthday or want an excuse to donate to a great charity this is your chance. All funds go to GiveDirectly.'"

...and here's the message that Xio posted, twice within a span of ten days:

"My birthday’s coming up and I’m donating it to charity!  To celebrate my surviving so long, please help children have an education by donating to my birthday page (

It all goes to deworming children which increases school attendance and increases their lifelong income."

Send some Emails! Edit

Friends and family (even distant family) that you communicate with somewhat regularly are also good targets for some email. Here are some sample emails that you could use to get ideas for promoting your charity:

"Hey [NAME],


Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to let you know there are only three days left on my birthday charity fundraiser if you are interested in donating. :)



You also could send your fundraiser along with an email inviting close friends to a birthday party.

"Hey everyone,

I am having a birthday party at [PERSONAL DETAILS OMITTED]. We will have snacks, cake, and great company.

I am also running a birthday fundraiser for charity. Donations are my favorite gift and all donated money will be matched to have double the impact!



Lastly, here's another sample email:

"Hey ___,

I'm donating my birthday to charity! If you want to give me a present, I'd love for you to help give a child an education. Just 50 cents deworms a child and gives them the energy to go to school.

You can donate through this page I set up.


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