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Against Malaria FoundationAll possible steps for local groupsAnimal Charity Evaluators
Anti Publication Bias RegistryBlog posts of noteBlogs
Centre for Effective AltruismCommon objections to earning to giveCommon objections to effective altruism
Comparison of OrganizationsCriticism of effective altruismDeworm the World Initiative
Diagram of EA OrgsDirect charitiesDiscussion groups
Earning to giveEffective Altruism WikiEffective Altruism in Brief
Effective Altruists Facebook groupEffective Animal ActivismEffective altruism logo
Effectiveness of animal charitiesFrequently asked questions about effective altruismFrugality tips
GiveDirectlyGiveWellGiving What We Can
How to Run a Local Effective Altruism Group in a Minimal Amount of TimeHow to run an EA fundraiser for your birthdayHow to start a local effective altruist presence
Introductions to effective altruismLibraryLibrary/.impact
Library/80000 HoursLibrary/Animal Charity EvaluatorsLibrary/Animal welfare
Library/AudioLibrary/Ben KuhnLibrary/Blogosphere
Library/BooksLibrary/Centre for Effective AltruismLibrary/Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Library/Charity ScienceLibrary/CommunityLibrary/Effective Altruism Action
Library/Effective Altruism HubLibrary/Effective Altruism Policy AnalyticsLibrary/Effectiveness reports
Library/EventsLibrary/ForumLibrary/Future of Humanity Institute
Library/Future of Life InstituteLibrary/GBS SchweizLibrary/GiveWell
Library/Giving What We CanLibrary/Global Catastrophic RiskLibrary/Global Priorities Project
Library/Graphic resources (posters, leaflets, infographics, etc.)Library/Introductory materialLibrary/Less Wrong
Library/Local GroupsLibrary/Machine Intelligence Research InstituteLibrary/Nick Bostrom
Library/Online coursesLibrary/Organizational StructureLibrary/Other fundraising
Library/Practically EthicsLibrary/PrioritizationLibrary/Raising for Effective Giving
Library/Reactions to EALibrary/Ryan CareyLibrary/Slides
Library/Small EA websitesLibrary/Social MediaLibrary/The Life You Can Save
Library/ToolsLibrary/UnsortedLibrary/Various EA blogs
Library/VideoLibrary/WikipediaLinks to EA resources
List of EA PresentationsList of organizationsLocal groups
Machine Intelligence Research InstituteMedia coverage of effective altruismNon-English language EA venues
Old Front PagePublic givingSchistosomiasis
Schistosomiasis Control InitiativeTalking about effective altruismTax-efficient donations
The EA Pitch GuideThe Life You Can SaveThis Wiki
What small things can an EA do?
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