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Local groups and presences are a key part of effective altruism. They can be found around the world, from Auckland to Vancouver.

Up to date list of local groups Edit

Effective Altruism Hub hosts the list and map of local groups, which is the successor to .impact's earlier map and now occupies that domain.

If you'd like to get a message out to all local EA groups (for example via the regular newsletter which goes out to all organizers), contact the local effective altruism network (see below) on 

The network of groupsEdit

The High Impact Network (THINK) was started as an organisation devoted entirely to creating and supporting new local presences, back at the dawn of effective altruism thus named in 2012. This has evolved into the local effective altruism network, which is a network constituted by all the groups around the world, with a team providing some central help and support to them, as well as working to create local presences in dozens of new cities and countries. remains the domain.

Shared resources and lessons Edit

The main discussion venues Edit

Google Group for leaders of local groups

Facebook group for local EA topics

Guides, including setup guides Edit

Outraching Effective Altruism Locally – Resources and Guides

How to Run a Local Effective Altruism Group in a Minimal Amount of Time

How to start a local effective altruist presence

The THINK guide to starting and running a meetup

All possible steps for local groups

The EA Chapter Starter Packet (with a particular focus on providing a GWWC presence and talking about the GWWC Pledge)

Resources for particular eventsEdit

THINK's original workshops for groups

Non-group specific resources that you might use Edit

List of EA Presentations

EA Infographics, Posters and Leaflets

Guides and reports from particular groups Edit

Ben Kuhn's notes from his EA group:

End of year review of Effective Altruism Melbourne

Yale Effective Altruist's December 2014 progress report

How we run discussions at Stanford EA

Other resources Edit

Local societies & groups that may be helpful for EA or for fundraisers

FAQ (frequently asked questions)Edit

Who can local groups get help from?Edit

First and foremost, people involved in local groups or other forms of local EA outreach can talk to and get help from other groups in the network . The primary channels for doing so are the Google Group mailing list and the Facebook group for local EA topics.

A number of EA organisations also offer help with local outreach, and coordinate this between themselves:

How can local chapters apply for funding, for example for particular activities or projects?Edit

There is some central money available for funding specific activities by groups across the whole local effective altruism network. It's primarily intended for small 'microfunding', but we might be able to offer or coordinate grants for sufficiently compelling large pitches! The procedure is pretty simple - send a brief email to the LEAN support team at

How can I get local chapter website for my city? Edit

There are people who want to help you to get a local website set up! More info here.

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