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What is effective altruism?Edit

Effective Altruism is a movement of people who aim to make the world a better place in the ways which evidence suggests are among the most effective. A classic example of doing so is donating large quantities of money to highly cost-effective direct charities. Prominent philosopher Peter Singer has advocated ideas shared by many effective altruists since his 1972 paper 'Famine, Affluence and Morality'; recently he has adopted the effective altruist label, and in early 2015 published a book about it. See Singer's TED Talk on Effective Altruism for an introduction to the concept. For fuller definitions, see effective altruism in brief. For more, see introductions to effective altruism.

What do we know about effective altruism? Edit

See the Library, a rapidly growing index of EA-related material on the web.

General pages (including original wiki content) Edit


Organisations that identify as 'effective altruist'Edit

See also Comparison of organisations, which gives budget figures.

Effective direct charitiesEdit

Direct charities are those which conduct programs which help people or animals in relatively direct ways, as opposed to meta charities, which typically move resources to direct charities. There is a range of opinions within effective altruism, but popular causes areas include global poverty, animal welfare and existential risk.

According to GiveWell (as of December 2014), the most cost-effective direct charities include:

GiveWell also recommends the following as "standout charities":

Giving What We Can also recommends:

The Life You Can Save also has several recommendations. Charity Science recommends following GiveWell's picks.

In the domain of animal welfare, Animal Charity Evaluators recommends the following as "top charities" (as of December 2014):

And they also recommend the following as "standout charities":

For an older (2012) and less rigorous review of animal charities, see Effectiveness of animal charities.


These are copies of the lists at Effective Altruism Hub , created to open those lists up. The EA Hub list will draw on these wiki versions, but be more selective.

Latest activityEdit

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