Which charities you can give to tax-efficiently in your country Edit

How to donate to GiveWell charities tax-efficiently

Country-specific Edit

US Edit

IRAs Edit

Ben Kuhn:

"The IRS suggests that you can donate up to $100k/year directly from an IRA to charity once you're above age 70.5 (see…/Charitable-Donations-from-IRAs) and have it count towards mandatory disbursements. This suggests that a Traditional IRA is probably better than Roth, since you can get most of the benefit of tax-free withdrawals via the donation. Is that accurate?"

Reply from Eitan Fischer:

"Yes, this is a nice point, and relevant. Though 70.5 is so far away, and these kinds of laws/regs change rather frequently. So much so that I would think the other reasons to choose Roth or Trad will likely dominate. After all, you're probably saving like, what, a total of $25k or so per year (assuming similar rates - a big assumption), starting ~45 years from now, which is around like $6k today, right? Not trivial, but adjusting for likelihood of repeal I would think it's not that big a consideration.

The question is a rather interesting one though generally (Roth v. Trad) and I would love to see more discussion on it from an EA perspective. The big ones on each side: tax savings today vs. withdrawability after 5 years."

Donating via othersEdit

If you donated via someone else, your transfer to them isn't subject to tax unless over 14k:

Complex donation optionsEdit

Donating via othersEdit

If you donate via others, you should be careful to follow tax law. However in the US your transfer to them isn't subject to tax unless over 14k:

UK Edit

Donating via someone else to make use of their gift aid allowance is tax evasion, since gift aid is only intended to make your donation tax free, not donations you're making on someone elses's behalf.

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